When virtual training is better!

If this year has taught traditional face to face trainers (like me) anything at all, it’s that there are always new approaches to consider. As a physical ‘same space’ trainer I always believed you couldn’t beat putting learners in a room with a great trainer, for the most effective results to deliver a learning need to a group at the same time. In fact my business for the last 26 years has been built on it! So I was very reluctant to give it up just because of a short term interruption like the COVID pandemic. But the various lockdown intervals have enabled me to rethink, and I now believe that virtual training is not so different from being in the same physical space that it can’t be just as effective and probably more efficient and flexible in many cases. It does need some re-engineering of training programmes, but that’s no bad thing. So watch this space as I develop a whole new portfolio for virtual training delivery for clients old and new. It should be an exciting journey. Stay safe, trainers!


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