Do trainers need coaching?

I have recently been asked by several trainers if I provide a coaching and/or mentoring service to help them improve and develop their training skills, performance, and business. Well, yes I do, but until now I didn’t have time to promote it widely. I have now found some spare capacity to refine the approaches I have used, and offer it as a discrete service. The first few clients may get a great deal as I build up the marketing, price points etc. so if you are interested in getting some coaching or mentoring at an attractive price, email me at

But for now, here are some classic self-coaching questions to engage your mind…

What one thing can you do today that will make a difference to how you deliver your training? If you know what it is, then what might be stopping you doing it?

How do you want your learners to see you? Is that how they see you?  How do you know?

Enjoy talking to yourself!!!!



New Year, new Pathogen Creativity challenge!

I hope you are well into planning 2018 now, even delivering training already?

How about this for a fresh new year challenge – what does the diagram below mean to you, and how would you use it to teach about the key pathogens, say, at Level 3/Intermediate? It could be on a flipchart, PowerPoint slide, or a handout, or something else???? Would you change anything?

Answers on a postcard? Just comment below, or email me at

There’s a prize for the best answer that I can publish!

P.S. Is there anything missing?

Pathogen hopscotch

Happy New Year 2018!

Dear fellow trainer

May all your trainings be joyful, fun and make a real difference in the real world. I wish you every success for 2018, and I especially thank those of you who have read my posts and occasionally responded, for your inspiration and contributions. I look forward to sharing training thoughts and ideas next year.

Merry Christmas and happy 2018!

I am closing my office here in Salford for the festive season, but will open again bright and breezy on 2nd January 2018. I hope your training is even more creative and exciting in 2018, and I already have a very busy January planned.

But for now, as a fellow trainer, take time out to relax, recharge the batteries and have a great Christmas!

2018’s biggest challenge for trainers?

Although many of us may be still working at a rapid pace before the Christmas break, some of us are undoubtedly thinking what 2018 will bring and where should we focus or refocus our efforts?

The rise in social media, graphic recording,  the balance between online and face to face learning, immersive training technologies, smart phones, blogs and vlogs etc. etc. ??? These are all part of the changing world we are exposed to…

So where are you going to put extra effort into your own mission to be the best trainer you can be? Here are my top 5 strategies for 2018 … how about you?

  1. Relax, and remember every course and group is different, so celebrate diversity and individuality at every training session.
  2. Get better at openings and closings – first and last impressions are made when we are saying hello or goodbye!
  3. Improve my PowerPoint presentation skills to be smoother but also interactive
  4. Develop my blogging site into a better resource for my learners
  5. Continue to be generous in freely sharing my ideas for all you brilliant and creative trainers – and have fun with it too!

Oh, and if there is a sixth one, maybe its to stop working 8 days a week!!!!!

Another Intermediate success!

Congratulations to my latest group of learners on their Intermediate Food Safety course – all passed! This was one of my most joyful courses ever!!!  A lovely group of people who all really wanted to learn, and willingly entered into every discussion and activity with enthusiasm and interest. It really warms the heart when learners appreciate the efforts made by the trainer. This was an early Christmas present for me!

Experiences like this should really spur you on to be a better trainer, rather rest on your laurels, so over Christmas I will be reviewing the lesson plans for this course and tightening up all the activities, consolidation sections etc. and adding in more customised content for my client before the next programme.

More news here soon!