Update – Virtual 1-1 Intermediate Food Safety

First session last night successfully delivered on zoom – we both enjoyed it (I certainly did!) and this morning I sent my ‘student’ this email:

Good morning K, I really enjoyed working with you last night – hope you did too?

While the zoom conversations are useful and consolidate your understanding, the core of this type of remote 1-1 course is also based in the studying of the CIEH text book which, as you now know, is excellent.

Please do what you can before our second session on Sunday from 8.30 a.m., to overview the book, and in particular look at the following pages in detail, making notes to help you remember.

We will do a bit of an understanding test on these pages on Sunday!!!

Also you will need to produce a simple flow chart for the chicken supreme/ballotine

Also please complete the questions listed below and check your answers in the back of the book.

Any further questions you can do will help, and I will ask you at the conclusion of the course to commit to completing all the questions in the near future to consolidate your learning.

We made great progress last night so I am really looking forward to Sunday – we may need a full two hours then if you can fit that in?

Best regards

Any questions just fire away by email, messenger or phone call!


If anyone is interested in this bespoke training programme I will have one more place available in September.


2 thoughts on “Update – Virtual 1-1 Intermediate Food Safety

  1. This is fascinating. How long is each Zoom session. I know that when I teach very small groups (such as 2-4 learners), it gets a bit intense for the learners.

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