More success

As I predicted, my second Intermediate Food Safety group of the year passed their exam comfortably. You have been an exceptional group, relishing not just the training, activities and songs, but also the deeper discussions about the supervisors role. It has been a joy to be with you – thanks for the memories!


Exam day again!

Yes, my second Intermediate group of 2019 take their exam today, and it’s still January!!! They are such lovely students, and very switched on – the exam should pose no problems, as I have taught well, and they have learned well!

Off to flying start in 2019!

Success! My first course of the new year, with 6 brilliant participants on the Intermediate (CIEH) Food Safety programme, concluded yesterday with the exam, and a clean sweep of passes. Congratulations to Adrian, Heather, Matthew, Paul, Stacey and Stephen. Its the first time in a long while that I have played two food safety songs with my guitar – and they wanted more!!!!!

But, there’s no rest for the trainer, as my next one starts on Thursday this week!

Anyway, alongside the trusted combination of PowerPoint, flipchart, mindmap exercises, the CIEH Food Safety card exercise, scented marker pens, and fluffy bacteria as old favourites, I now feature 3 video clips of handwashing training as demonstrated by my Grand-daughter Caitlin, (aged 3). Suffice it to say,  while I deliver 20 hours of great training, Caitlin’s mere 3 minutes on camera get the best response!!! In the concluding clip she sang Happy Birthday (to get the 20 seconds timing) but decided to sing Happy Birthday to Jennifer (because she’s her friend in toddler’s class at day nursery!) Way to go Caitlin!


The perfect food handler

This is one of my all time favourite exercises – it always delivers fun, enjoyment, and serious discussion/disagreement about the in-house dress code! And as this is from an Intermediate Food Safety course, it will go on to be developed into a review of the personal hygiene policy, plus induction and ongoing training, and of course participative handwash training.

Mind you, it does make me question what kind of people are working in these kitchens????!!!

perfect food handler

Happy New Year! Welcome 2019

Hi, to all my fellow trainers and environmental health professionals, may I wish you all the best for 2019.

Have you made your new year resolutions yet? Mine is very simple (it has to be for me!):

Be better than last year, celebrate and share my successes, embrace my errors, learn from them, and most of all enjoy everything I encounter!!!

January starts with a bang as I have two intermediate food safety courses to deliver, plus as of today I am officially a CIEH trustee, having been elected to a three year term. While confidentiality will of course limit what I can report and feedback here, I hope to have an influence inside my professional body again and assist in developing new directions and sustaining and hopefully growing the CIEH for years to come.

On top of the usual training auditing and policy work for many clients, I am looking to continue to release very low cost resources for creative trainers to help them make their courses the best ever!!!.

Its going to be a busy 2019!!!

Cyber Monday – Free “Name the pathogens” quiz still available

Yes, it’s true, having carried out a day of Christmas Shopping yesterday, I am entering into the spirit, and have decided to keep my little “Name the Pathogens” quiz free until midnight tonight!

You can download it here:

Name the pathogens

I have had such a great response to these little ‘fill in the blanks’ quizzes, that I am going to continue to produce them for all the topics in Foundation and Level 2 Food Safety courses, which is where they will be of most use. Let me know if there is a particular one you need. Just mail me at