Exam successes – such a pleasure

It was so good yesterday to reconvene my learning group for the final part of their Intermediate Food Safety programme and take them safely through the exam (CIEH). They were an absolute pleasure to coach and teach. Will they remember me in three years time when we refresh? I will certainly remember them!!!!

Art attack!

Day two and it’s art attack time! My lovely group continued to enjoy their Intermediate Food Safety course today, and got a chance to get creative with this personal hygiene poster.

Poster exercises always go down well – once we get over the inevitable ‘I can’t draw!’ protest, something great always surfaces. We had a great second day – the final day and exam and yet to come – so it was just au revoir rather than adieu!

The old ones are the best

Day one of my Intermediate food safety course – a lively group already quite knowledgeable so we had some great in depth discussion about supervisors responsibilities. All day long they were really engaged, but the activity which always boosts the energy is the ‘patience’ style card activity on basic hygiene which was produced by CIEH over 25 years ago! Sadly it’s no longer available – A little bit of challenge, competition and a hidden message or two really ended the day off well.

I am looking forward to seeing them all again this morning for day 2. It still is my favourite course and at a favourite training venue in Central Manchester. Client confidentiality precludes more detail at the moment.

Come back tomorrow for an update on Day 2.

1st Intermediate course starts early in 2020

Come 7th of January I will be delivering the first course of the year, my favourite Intermediate Food Safety course (CIEH). As I reflect on this course, I first delivered it in 1990, yes 29 years ago!

So what has changed? In content, it’s campylobacter, e.coli, HACCP and allergens that have surfaced – and in teaching terms we have gone from overhead projectors and acetates to laptops, PowerPoint, smart screens and online media. In terms of the teaching style we have gone through multiple intelligences, 4MAT and student centred learning, and from essays and oral tests to multiple choice and instant certificates. What changes!!!

However one thing has remained constant – make sure learning is enjoyable, and that it is focussed on outcomes!

Happy New Year and all the best for 2020.

Client relationships are everything

Today I am travelling to London, taking a whole day out, not due home till after midnight – and paying for train fares and car parking, just to go to a client’s Christmas dinner – it’s all about relationships in consultancy – and it is not even my client (one I subcontract for a very good colleague). I am genuinely happy to go, press the flesh, and no marketing angle – that’s probably why we are invited as part of the family. No need to heavy sell when your client likes you!!! (hopefully!)

Free graphic – The HACCP continuum

Back in 2006 when the ‘new’ requirement for HACCP based food safety management was brought in, I was commissioned to deliver all of the introductory training for enforcement officers (for the FSA and CIEH). It was a testing time and a challenging training project!

One of the highlights was the development of a little idea that I named the HACCP continuum, which showed that the more complex or higher risk food businesses needed ‘full’ HACCP  but that less complex or lower risk businesses could use soothing else. The diagram below explains it – and I was recently asked, 13 years later, for it to be recreated so here it is:

HACCP continuum



Funny songs for teaching food safety

Some of my readers may know about “my little temperature probe” my comedy song about temperature control. I try to sing it on most of my food safety courses if I take my guitar along. It’s a bit daft, I can’t sing too well, matched by my guitar skills – but it’s my homage to George Formby!

This week when playing it I was impressed by one delegate who got it and laughed away at the little innuendos, but then also made technical notes in the middle of the song about time and temperature controls! I have often seen the song as just a throw away to remove tension before the exam. But this reminded me of the different ways in which people learn. Well done that student who passed the Foundation course with flying colours (as did they all)

This was one of my special community courses with low fees to improve accessibility. Despite colleagues saying that cheap or free training isn’t valued, these students certainly did appreciate it!

Summerhouse training starts now!

It’s a simple idea, and I have done it before, but running training courses in my home brings several benefits – cost saving, travel savings, cancellation has less impact, and I can have a good home cooked breakfast before we start! A few years ago I ran some PTC (remember those?) courses at my home in the summer. They were very relaxed courses, and several ‘students’ are still in contact today. The atmosphere is subtly different, and we had a great time.

Since then we have installed a modest summer house at home, and it seems a shame not to make use of it while still working, so next week the first course is a one to one Intermediate Food Safety course for a local chef, as part of my free training offer. We will have flipchart, and PowerPoint with personal screens, and the group exercises should be fun!!! I can’t wait!