Free allergens workshops launched!

Yes, this week sees the very first workshop in my new project – giving free training services to my local food businesses community. First up is a local coffee shop very close to where I live. They have asked for an in-house workshop for three staff including the manager. They also have one person who needs their level 2 food safety qualification. It’s tough sometimes finding enough delegates to put on a viable course, but as this training is also free, it’s a simple decision to put on a one to one course. I will let you know how it goes this week. I am thinking of trying out a new exercise, three foods for someone with an allergy, which would you advise they can eat, which must they avoid, and which don’t we know?


The compact trainer – sometimes you just can’t carry too much, and PowerPoint will have to support the day. But … I always manage to squeeze my trusty set of must have props into the bag somewhere !!! What is in your minimal prop set?

Allergens workshop for Boothstown and Worsley Businesses – Free!

Today I have launched my free allergens workshop as promised, just for Boothstown and Worsley businesses. You can find out more about it by clicking on the link below:

(you will just need to register one time with Eventbrite with just an email and password – worth doing!)

Allergens workshop

This is part of my local project to give something back to the local community where I have lived for 21 years – so I am offering all the local food businesses access to free food safety training and workshops. It will be interesting to see what the take up is!

Alternatively local businesses can contact me direct for one to one advice – just email david

Keep checking back for reports, or sign up for my blog to get email alerts.

Bye for now!


Free allergens workshop, only in Boothstown!

As part of my silver jubilee year (yes 25 years in consultancy and training!) I am offering free training at my local community centre for local food businesses. The first workshop is on 22 May, limited to 6 businesses. I will be blogging here on how this project goes. Had breakfast in one of the local businesses this morning, and they responded well to my favourite allergy question about sulphites!

Allergens management in small businesses

Today I am speaking, at an event in Horsham, about the problems faced by small businesses in trying to implement good allergen management. While the requirements seem straightforward, many small businesses identify barriers to complying. Understanding the particular business and it’s challenges, and where they are on the path to change, are fundamental to progress. I will be blogging more on this, and in particular the strategies for trainers and coaches to use if they are to be successful.

I ❤️ my learners

How do I love my learners? Let me count the ways?

On Valentine’s Day, let’s remember the principle that we treat every learner with total positive regard, and put it into practice at those challenging times!

Is there such a thing as a difficult learner??

Hmmm well, maybe occasionally you feel really challenged, but the skill of a trainer is to turn negative behaviours around into positive outcomes.

So go out there and love all your learners! (in the training sense!)