Deja vu – inspired by face to face all over again

Now I am back to delivering face to face training again, I am re-discovering just what makes this engagement ‘in the room’ so inspiring. A recent level 3 Health and Safety course (CIEH) gave me the chance to roll out an old favourite – the responsibilities mind map.

So here it is reproduced for anyone to use, to engage their learners in understanding just how many personnel are involved in the health and safety of equipment operation.

Each branch can be expanded to list out the key responsibilities of the particular individual/team

This can be used to teach… teamwork, legal duties, communication, training, authorisation etc.

And other topics can go in the central idea area, such as slips and trips, noise, or even stress (that’ll be a good one!)

Of course, its ideal if the learners map this out themselves, but here is a trainer’s cheat sheet to help!


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