Creative training techniques for online and face to face – getting back, moving on and building better courses.

There can’t be any trainer who hasn’t reflected over the last two years about where training might go both personally and generally in the world of work.

It’s been a tough and sad time, and many trainers may have been hanging on, marking time, or just keeping going but without a sense of planning and direction we all used to take for granted. Some may have scaled back or even stopped, while some have diversified to new income streams.

However, there are signs that a new enthusiasm and necessity for training is emerging, even in the midst of another ‘crisis’.

So, my contribution will be to fire up the creative training arena, in the new context of online, face to face and blended approaches, but also including business and consultancy sustainability and growth.

So if you are a trainer, whether in house, or freelance, there will be something for you.

How will it work? I have the germs of ideas, but no fixed plan. I can make myself available on line virtually 24/7, and I am happy to arrange face to face meetings too. I am also happy to host and deliver 1 to 1 mentoring and training, and cost will always be secondary to value and support for those who want it.

Being selfish, I also expect to get some great ideas from interacting with colleagues, as all of us do.

So, there’s the pitch. I am forging ahead in my own business with some of these ideas – why not come along for the ride!!!

Email me if you want to get back, move on and build better courses!


4 thoughts on “Creative training techniques for online and face to face – getting back, moving on and building better courses.

  1. Hi David,

    Although well retired now I still read you very informative ideas.

    Not food related but this weekend I will be delivering a presentation on the progress of our heritage railway reunificationat an event – so long ago since last doing any such thing.

    Best wishes, cheers, Peter BB

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