Face to face, back to back, strength to strength!!

This week I have delivered two CIEH foundation courses, back to back 200 miles apart, and so good to re-establish great training events that people enjoy!

Good old flipchart exercises, coursebooks, watching new video clips of handwashing training by my granddaughter, a customised, revised and improved powerpoint show with lots of new photos and graphics. Super HD TV screen (all cables brought with me!). Carried a spare projector with me just in case. And I have produced brighter pre-course information. I am always open to improving my course, so onwards and upwards! (even my timing got better – less rushing, balanced emphasis, and time for those little ‘humorous’ moments!!!)

Favourite exercise? Always the thermometer construction by the whole group! Didn’t they do well and look, they all signed it!!! And I loved the artist’s quick change to blue for the fridge, if not the freezer!!!

It was two fabulous inspirational days out. Back to the office for paperwork and planning the next ones!

PS And yes they all passed (very well)!


4 thoughts on “Face to face, back to back, strength to strength!!

  1. Great work David. Sounds like an idea for a trainer workshop to put the sparkle back in training ready to go back on the road.

    Barbara Rathmill Food Teachers Centre

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  2. The thermometer construction is such a great idea! I might have to borrow that for my next class. The granddaughter’s clips sound simply adorable! I wish I lived closer so I could attend one of your courses.

    Your USA friend,

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