Career Branding Map for mentees

I have recently taken on two mentees, in two different schemes, and one conversation prompted me to research career branding to help a mentee gain some structure to their job searching process.

This simple ‘mind-map’ provides some ideas and challenges to be explored in conversation, or even as a stand alone activity.

As a starting point, each sector could be ‘scored’ and could produce the familiar ‘wheel’ diagram to highlight what is good and what needs more attention. Alternatively it could be expanded in mindmap style into a presentation, or full blown mentoring programme.

Its down to the mentor and mentee to use it as they wish. I hope you find it of use. If you want a discussion on this feel free to email me

Personal Career Branding Map –


2 thoughts on “Career Branding Map for mentees

  1. While it is sometime ago, in my case, mind maps were/are a means of putting down ‘everything’ that comes to mind for a topic and then working through for relevance and further exploration/action.

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