Merry Christmas to all my subscribers

Its been a tortuous two years or so for many, if not all of us, both professionally and personally. Although Christmas might usually be just a simple time of joy and happiness, this one, again, won’t be quite ‘normal’, so please stay safe and act cautiously.

Next year I will be here, as ever, offering nuggets of advice, training and coaching tips, and sharing my own journey of getting back to a new ‘normal’ with hybrid training, whatever is thrown at us. One thing is for certain, there will be some surprises, but hopefully also some, new and exciting developments in the world of environmental health training.

By the way, I am taking a break from my CIEH elected trustee role for now, having served for 3 years under very challenging times… however I will still be connected in some way, with the prospect of returning to the role in the future. I have strived to represent the views and opinions of those who voted me in during this time, while having to take difficult decisions to secure the future of the CIEH.

Wishing you and your teams, families and anyone else, a safe and festive time. Till next year…



2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to all my subscribers

  1. Hi David,

    Well retired now but wish you well in your future training.

    Hope you have a Covid-free Christmas and New Year.

    Cheers, Peter

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