Successful day out! Face to face training always the best!

So, after some 18 months a small group of learners got the benefit of one of my face to face learnings today. What a day – as usual I enjoyed what I think I do best – working with enthusiastic colleagues who need a little bit of assistance and guidance to help them learn and validate their understanding, along with a little bit of entertainment, camaraderie and positivity. Great to be back in the real world again!


2 thoughts on “Successful day out! Face to face training always the best!

    • Yes I agree, but I do have a new regard for what virtual learning can contribute. My current Intermediate learner would never have been able to find a face to face course she could get to to fit in with her and work life balance – but my 1-1 zoom course has been a lifeline for a very enthusiastic learner. All the best Peter.

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