1-1 Intermediate update

I promised I would keep a running commentary on this special course.

We have had a couple more sessions now, often arranged and re-arranged at short notice as my ‘student’ (K) had operational and domestic difficulties to negotiate. But this is the territory I have chosen to occupy, and I made myself available literally 24/7.

With just one learner, the old rules of contact time don’t seem to be as relevant, as the learning is relaxed but intense at the same time, and the confidence in K has grown in leaps and bounds. K has taken well to the elements of learning from the CIEH course book.

For this student, there would have been no route to gaining the qualification other than remote learning, and they had decided that e-learning was not a practical option from previous experience.

Last night was a great session, and a lovely revelation when we both saw how beneficial a zoom course supported by smart phones at the same time (messenger, google etc.) can be. Our IT apprehension has all but disappeared!

One more session will do it I think! Total guided learning time will reach about 20 hours, split roughly 50/50 contact time and private validated study and exercises.

I will be taking one more student for this course in September, and definitely want to keep the facility alongside my face to face courses starting up again.


One thought on “1-1 Intermediate update

  1. Absolutely totally retired now David so it might be an idea to remove me from your posts.
    Pleased however to see that you continue to prosper and well remember your excellent training. Cheers, Peter

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