Train In to Help Out

So many businesses have suffered financially during COVID 19, that they may have little spare cash to spend on good quality training, which is a real dilemma – good businesses know that good training in health and safety and food safety is vital to protect their business, staff and customers. Resorting to the cheapest, usually online, learning maybe all that they can afford. So, I am putting something back to select businesses in my local area again, by offering free high quality training to the businesses I trust and would like to work with. It is not entirely selfless mind you, it keeps my training business active and creative, and helps me do what I do best, whether virtual or face to face (COVID Safe) – which is help people learn what they need to learn, and apply it to maintain standards and comply with or exceed legal requirements. Limited capacity as you would expect, but contact me if you are interested.

2 thoughts on “Train In to Help Out

  1. David, your originality and forward thinking are an inspiration. This end (78) now well and truly retired. Best wishes, Peter

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