Virtual Bespoke Food Safety learning now available!

Having successfully trialled virtual learning versions of my popular and long established face to face courses, I am pleased to open up this ‘new normal’ programme to individuals who are committed to a new way of learning 1 to 1.

This programme is initially only open to those who already have a level 3 or Intermediate Food Safety qualification from a reputable provider (including me!!!). I only have capacity for one or two participants each month so there may be a waiting list.

It takes the form of an update and refresh, using the current CIEH course book, with a set of online conversations and discussions one to one, and concluding with a live exam online.

It is suitable for those who are committed to independent self study and have reasonable confidence and facilities for online conversations through Zoom etc. Its also great fun!

Anyone who wants to contact me for a free consultation about suitability can email me at

Costs depend on consultation and how many sessions each individual needs, but they are always highly competitive and great value.

Any trainers who want ideas for how to do this themselves can also contact me for a free one hour 1:1 discussion session on the pros and cons as I see them.

Exciting times, although coming out of a terrible time – but food safety must prevail.

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