Virtual Intermediate Part One done!

Well, I survived, and so did my participant! We had a good two hours with a brief coffee break and that has got us through a good chunk of learning, mainly consolidation and updating.

Disaster nearly struck when my PC decided to find a problem from deep inside the motherboard, and ignore what I was doing. It concluded that it had to immediately shut down in order save me from something far worse than interruption and embarrassment. Recovery and reboot took two minutes or so, but in the meantime I was on the mobile and we were talking through the end of the day’s course with no real problem. Good job I didn’t have several learners on the call! I now know that I need a backup plan rehearsed. There are several options to now consider. I am fortunate that I had a willing, tolerant and supportive learner, which isn’t always the case.

As for any other lessons learned, I will share these when I have finished the whole course.

Time to review and adjust, plan out next week’s sessions, and get that backup sorted!

4 thoughts on “Virtual Intermediate Part One done!

    • I have to say it was fairly straightforward until the momentary crash – need to be logged in on two places I think just in case. Good that it happened when it was easy to deal with! Trust you are well?

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