Virtual Intermediate Food Safety starts today!

And we’re off. An initial zoom meeting and introduction to the coursebook last night (CIEH of course) has set our agenda for this bespoke 1-1 course for one of my former ‘students’ David. Our zoom lessons proper start today so I will blog along to let you know how it goes. Total time expected including pre-assessment, directed reading, zoom lessons and exam is around 20 hours- so very similar to face to face delivery. Very excited and good to be teaching again.

4 thoughts on “Virtual Intermediate Food Safety starts today!

  1. This is a good option to offer a client. Can I ask what sort of fee range would be charged for this?

    • Good question Joy, difficult to answer usefully as its a bespoke 1-1 programme on this occasion. There’s even variability for a typical three day face-to-face programme for a group. This will usually come in at anywhere between £200 and £400 per person, which is centred in the current market range. 1-1 bespoke programmes are charged in the context of my availability, previous client loyalty, and are usually either loss leaders or done at a charity, community or new and small business rate. Not sure how it helps but I always try to be as open as possible. But I do limit myself to a strict provision per annum on these otherwise I wouldn’t be in business for long!

  2. Good Morning,

    I use to attend the CIEH seminar for trainers – and I have used a lot of your useful advice

    I am looking forward to be hearing your comments- as we are hoping to deliver level 3 food safety via zoom in the next month

    Good luck and thanks for sharing your comments

    Rhian Jones
    Technolegydd Bwyd | Food Technologist
    07813 546 235/ 01545 572 237

    • Despite being an experienced trainer (having delivered countless Intermediate courses for over 30 years!) this is a complete re-work! So when I have concluded it, I expect to have spent about 15-20 hours re-working my face to face programme, when normally I would spend about 6-8 hours preparation time for each course. So I suppose that’s not too bad, but its not economical without bumping up the fee to levels where its no longer anywhere remotely competitive enough against e-learning (the best ones, not the cheap ones!!!) No one can compete against the bargain basement e-learning, but that’s not my market so I am not too bothered by it. I hope to blog little bits about my experience, but my hints and tips might not suit other trainers, so much is variable. The coursebook though is clearly going to play a bigger in-course role than usual.

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