The old ones are the best

Day one of my Intermediate food safety course – a lively group already quite knowledgeable so we had some great in depth discussion about supervisors responsibilities. All day long they were really engaged, but the activity which always boosts the energy is the ‘patience’ style card activity on basic hygiene which was produced by CIEH over 25 years ago! Sadly it’s no longer available – A little bit of challenge, competition and a hidden message or two really ended the day off well.

I am looking forward to seeing them all again this morning for day 2. It still is my favourite course and at a favourite training venue in Central Manchester. Client confidentiality precludes more detail at the moment.

Come back tomorrow for an update on Day 2.

4 thoughts on “The old ones are the best

  1. I love doing the Level 3 / Intermediate course. I think supervisors and junior managers are the absolute key to making a larger food business work. In fact, it’s my mission this year to persuade as many clients as I can to invest in their supervisors!

  2. So do I, it’s my favourite course to deliver, the delegates are always grateful for the information and often comment ‘That makes sense, now I know why.’

    Can you remind me of the Patience exercise, it’s one I have forgotten about.


    • Hi Carole, it’s a card game produced by CIEH with questions and answers to find. Very simple and laid out in a grid a bit like patience. Yes will post a photo on my blog later today if I get chance. Thanks for comment.

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