Free graphic – The HACCP continuum

Back in 2006 when the ‘new’ requirement for HACCP based food safety management was brought in, I was commissioned to deliver all of the introductory training for enforcement officers (for the FSA and CIEH). It was a testing time and a challenging training project!

One of the highlights was the development of a little idea that I named the HACCP continuum, which showed that the more complex or higher risk food businesses needed ‘full’ HACCP  but that less complex or lower risk businesses could use soothing else. The diagram below explains it – and I was recently asked, 13 years later, for it to be recreated so here it is:

HACCP continuum



4 thoughts on “Free graphic – The HACCP continuum

  1. David

    I think like me the idea of some freebies as informational marketing is a good way to go but for more involved work/time on your part then you should charge at least a nominal charge for your services rather than give away the family silver. So in my case I have a free online book for food safety and a couple of pdfs but for things like customer complaints procedures, Completed SFBB packs and other similar items people have to pay for via my own website.

    Steve Pepper

    • Yes thanks Steve – I agree with the idea – I have a three layer approach to provision of resources for trainers: Firstly some stuff is totally free in my blogs and on my website (the Give To Get technique, and soon to be on my new Instagram account, then more things are on my password protected pages, and only those who subscribe to my blog get the password, and then I have some chargeable e-books (one on food safety training, and one on health and safety training).

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