Funny songs for teaching food safety

Some of my readers may know about “my little temperature probe” my comedy song about temperature control. I try to sing it on most of my food safety courses if I take my guitar along. It’s a bit daft, I can’t sing too well, matched by my guitar skills – but it’s my homage to George Formby!

This week when playing it I was impressed by one delegate who got it and laughed away at the little innuendos, but then also made technical notes in the middle of the song about time and temperature controls! I have often seen the song as just a throw away to remove tension before the exam. But this reminded me of the different ways in which people learn. Well done that student who passed the Foundation course with flying colours (as did they all)

This was one of my special community courses with low fees to improve accessibility. Despite colleagues saying that cheap or free training isn’t valued, these students certainly did appreciate it!

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