Giant mindmap back after 27 years!

A long, long time ago I can still remember…. a giant mindmap I created for an Advanced Food Hygiene Course in Manchester – for city council catering staff. This was before Tony Buzan had started the serious marketing of his version of mindmapping© and we probably called it something else then. Sadly, in those days we didn’t carry a camera everywhere and so I never captured it or kept the multiple taped sheets in my archive more than a couple of years.

This week I had occasion to bring it all back on the last day of an Intermediate Health and Safety Course, building up from a classic ‘spider’ diagram of hazards for any piece of equipment. Once we added some simple bullet points for controls, the map grew and started to cover more of the course. Fortunately this time I photographed it so here it is – PowerPoint© might have its uses, but flipchart paper still rules the day for some things!

It even includes a quick reference of a risk assessment (profiling) rating system (bottom- right) which is alphanumerical and is the ideal intuitive system to teach effectively and quickly. Note that much of this mindmap is in varied and multicoloured writing –  all participants contributed directly to the build.

(This CIEH course was taught on behalf of Moonlight Environmental Ltd. – with kind permission to reproduce, and all participants passed the exam!! Well done to all)

H&S mindmap

2 thoughts on “Giant mindmap back after 27 years!

  1. Hello David I have had a catastrophe with my computer could you please advise of the password I need to connect to the password restricted items . Kind regards Paul

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