My week!

So this week I finished the delivery of an intermediate food safety course, started an intermediate health and safety course, advised a lovely pub on how we can get it’s 5 hygiene rating, delivered one of my free allergens workshops in an ice cream parlour, attended a local business owners meeting and then responded to a request for advice on a small volunteer event serving tea biscuit and home made cakes, and then worked on allergens risk assessment formats, as well as a brief visit to a busy locality to consider potential terrorism emergency evacuation plans. Topped off with a delightful day with our granddaughter, and ending tonight with being taken to see Rocketman with my beautiful daughter, and tea at Nando’s – a slightly delayed Father’s Day treat. I’m a lucky lad! Hope you week was as exciting and exhilarating as that?

2 thoughts on “My week!

  1. My week has been a 3 x 1day Key Stage 4 event for food teachers at Hopwood Hall College, planning a 1 day food safety awareness event for new trainee teachers at Nottingham Trent University and finishing off with preparation for a 1 day Food Safety Award training for Food Teachers in Urmston. Just about to collect my autistic grandson from school and look forward to the grandkids coming round tomorrow. Unusually busy for me. Have a great weekend.

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