Another favourite course delivery – Intermediate Food Safety – love it!

Over many years I have delivered this three day programme for supervisors, and it has developed and become fine tuned to a point where I am always excited and yet relaxed as I travel to the venue for day 1.

To be able to get to know these learners over a week or so is a real privilege, as I feel I can really help people to achieve the level their organisation has selected as most appropriate. And of course it’s the CIEH programme I use! Although I do use or refer to the vast PowerPoint slide set, I still find room to deliver my favourite activities, which test and challenge thinking in depth. So as I sit on my slow bus into town, I am finally contemplating my opening words. Being topical, current and local means I must refer to the awful listeria outbreak which appears to have emanated from a company just down the road in Salford, and has resulted in several fatalities. Sad though it is, its a way to start a course that I won’t shy from. Training has to have impact.

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