Free training offer off to a flying start!

So the first free training session was a great success this week – strange how not charging for something can take the pressure off needing to demonstrate value for money – and it being free didn’t seem to devalue it, as my first business wants to pursue more training. And the training, although free, resulted in the usual ratio of preparation to training time ( if you don’t know, in general about 4 hours preparation time for every one hour of training) Have I been too generous in offering all training and consultancy free until end of 2019? I now have two more businesses wanting me to help. And they have said please ring us as soon as you are available, instead of the usual “we’ll ring you”. It’s great to be able to put my expertise to use locally. This is a time limited offer! I have also been asked to help a couple of businesses with poor hygiene scores. Love to help!

In the meantime, two ‘commercial’ intermediate courses coming up in the next 6 weeks mean I am again occupied virtually full time (that’s just 6 days a week at the moment!) but always capacity to do more if someone needs me.

4 thoughts on “Free training offer off to a flying start!

  1. Great work in the local community – they asked and therefore they will be taking note not least because as a local you are in a position to ‘invisibly check’ that they are responding appropriately in their working practice.

  2. Having spent 25 years watching how much preparation goes into every piece of training, no matter how small the presentation is; it was with great pleasure I attended the local allergens session, my first ever course. The ladies who attended found the session very useful and all said how much they enjoyed their time. Well done my husband

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