Free allergens workshops launched!

Yes, this week sees the very first workshop in my new project – giving free training services to my local food businesses community. First up is a local coffee shop very close to where I live. They have asked for an in-house workshop for three staff including the manager. They also have one person who needs their level 2 food safety qualification. It’s tough sometimes finding enough delegates to put on a viable course, but as this training is also free, it’s a simple decision to put on a one to one course. I will let you know how it goes this week. I am thinking of trying out a new exercise, three foods for someone with an allergy, which would you advise they can eat, which must they avoid, and which don’t we know?

2 thoughts on “Free allergens workshops launched!

  1. I like the idea of using three foods as an example. When you use one you ‘don’t know’ is that based on a lack of information on the label or some other method?

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