Allergens management in small businesses

Today I am speaking, at an event in Horsham, about the problems faced by small businesses in trying to implement good allergen management. While the requirements seem straightforward, many small businesses identify barriers to complying. Understanding the particular business and it’s challenges, and where they are on the path to change, are fundamental to progress. I will be blogging more on this, and in particular the strategies for trainers and coaches to use if they are to be successful.

5 thoughts on “Allergens management in small businesses

  1. Hi David, good to hear. I’m finding that most of my small and micro business clients have done pretty well with this, it’s the larger businesses and chains that are struggling. Back when the legislation changed I wrote 2 hour workshop with accompanying toolkit, keeping everything as simple as possible, and I include an edited version of it on every food safety course I do. I’ve had very little interest in full day or formal allergen training from small businesses, so I sneak it in whenever I get the chance!

  2. Hi
    I am looking for a allergy course for manufacturing. I have changed some slides and notes in a prestation I have but looking for a more detail one, be it for large or small

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