Great free SFBB teaching resources discovered!!!

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I have missed these:

This a great set of resources designed by the FSA to help teach college catering students. Obviously they are branded SFBB and use SFBB terminology, so they may have limited use if you are teaching classic HACCP principles. However the scenarios are adaptable quite easily. If you didn’t know about them, take look!

Coming soon on my blog will be some non-SFBB equivalents, keep checking or sign up to the blog for all new blogs delivered straight to your desktop.




2 thoughts on “Great free SFBB teaching resources discovered!!!

  1. Hello David just wanted to say that I have found this resource and I find it really good. I use it on my new starters at work and I find that it is straight and to the point easily printable and easy to read. In passing did you ever finish your allergen graphic I never go to find out as I cannot access your resorce section as it asks for a password and I dont know how to enter a password. Anyway thanks for the info. It is always good to hear from you. Kind regards Paul

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