Summertime update

Hi all – thought I would update you on my current activities, as they may be of interest to you!

Food Safety update for CIEH – York. We had a great day in York recently, at the Royal York Hotel. Belinda (Stuart-Moonlight) was as usual in excellent form in delivering her technical updates on such as the Railway Tavern incident, and handwashing science. I delivered a session on marketing, food poisoning statistics update, and also one on using technology, and we finished the day with delegates having great fun making handwashing videos! We will be in Norwich soon, in September, as well as Sheffield and then London. Checkout for details.

Trainers Forum. we had a good turnout for our North West Forum yesterday – 22 trainers. I was delivering a session on presentation techniques for trainers. Also we had a good session with Paul Byrne, Head of Operations at CIEH. I will be blogging more about presentation skills soon.

Google hangouts on Listeria. I produced a short narrated powerpoint on Listeria for last night’s hangout with Steve Pepper and Jude Hutchinson. The Powerpoint is just 8 minutes long and is available via this link:

or you can visit Steve Pepper’s site to watch the whole discussion, and all the other hangouts we ‘ve done:

I am now busy writing more e-books for you to consider buying at my 99p price point. Checkout my trainers resources page for these.

Finally, you will see a “new resources” page with more ideas and items for your training. This page is password protected, so you will need to obtain the password by emailing me. The password is only available to my subscribers though, so if you have not yet signed up, please do so before you ask for the password! (I will check!!!)

Have a great summer, enjoy the tennis and sun (!) and keep in touch!

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