5001 hits – inspiring me to do more

This morning I was rudely awoken, not by torrential rain, or the birds singing, but by an alert telling me I have reached 5001 hits on my Creative Trainer web-blog. Wow. I hadn’t thought I would get that many, and with only a relatively small subscriber base (all free).

So over the next few weeks I will be planning to expand the blogs and website, and provide more free resources for creative or aspiring creative trainers. But I need your help – please tell me what you would like to see, either via this site, or via twitter @DavidNewsum1 or by email david@davidnewsum.com

Also please do encourage your fellow trainers to not just visit the site, but sign up for the emails.

My next e-book is already in preparation – 107 creative training ideas for health and safety trainers. And I am planning a free ebook very soon on ‘The art of the one day course’ – so do sign up, or maintain your free subscription to be the first to be informed.

And a very big thank you for your support so far. 10,000 is the next milestone!  




One thought on “5001 hits – inspiring me to do more

  1. Thats great news David- looking forward to more resources! I wonder whether closing sessions / consolidation would be a good topic, and also ho do you ensure post learning implementation?

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